Light Sport Aircraft Pilot is an aviation directory for light sport aircraft, ultralight aircraft, experimental light sport aircraft, experimental amateurbuilt aircraft, homebuilt aircraft, powered parachutes, ELSA and LSA aircraft.

Light Sport Aircraft Pilot is a directory of aircraft that generally fit into what are described as ultralight aircraft, advanced ultralight aircraft, lightsport aircraft, experimental aircraft, amateur built aircraft, or homebuilt aircraft in the United States and Canada.

These include weight shift aircraft, more commonly known as trikes, powered parachutes, and powered para-gliders.

This directory contains information on aircraft, engines, and accessories dating back into the early 80's. Some of the manufacturers and or models are no longer in business or no longer being produced.

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A 22 Valor, Acrolite, Acrolite 1T, Advanced Aviation Explorer, Aerocruiser, Aerolite 103, Aeromaster, AeroMax Corvair Engine, AeroStar Festival, Affordaplane, AeroMax, Airbike, Airbike Tandem, AirScooter Ultralight Helicopter, Airventure 2005, Airventure 2007, Airventure 2008, Airventure 2010, Allegro, Alto 100 LSA, American Aerolites Falcon, American Legend Cub, American Patriot Aircraft, Amtec Buddy Twin ultralight aircraft engine, AOPA Convention 2007, Apollo Fox, Astra Trike, Aventura, Aventura II, Aviatika MAI 890 experimental aircraft, Avid Catalina, Avid Champion ultralight,



B1RD, Backyard Flyer Swing Wing ultralight, Banty Ultralight Aircraft, Beach Boy Staggerwing, Beaver RX 550 Plus, Belite Ultralight Aircraft, Bellaire, Besse Aircraft Fokker EIII, Birdman Chinook WT11, Bleriot XI 1909 replica, Bobcat, Breezer, Buccaneer II, Buccaneer SX, Buccaneer XA, Bushcaddy R 80, Busker,



Capella 1, Capella II, Cape Town Amphibian, Carlson Sparrow 1, Carlson Sparrow II, Carlson Sport Special, Carrera, Carrera 180, Century Storm, CGS Hawk, CGS Hawk Classic II, Cheetah XLS, Cheetah Lightsport Aircraft Review, Chinook Plus 2, Citroen ThunderChief engine, CloudDancer, Cloudster, Cluster Balloon, Cobra A, Connie Amphibious Ultralight Aircraft, Corsario MK-5, Criquet Storch, CTSW, CubCrafters Sport Cub, Cuby II Aces High,



Dakota Hawk, Demoisselle ultralight, Double Eagle, Dragonfly Glider Tug, Dream Classic ultralight, Drifter Strut Braced, Drifter Wire Braced, Dynamic Light Sport Aircraft,



e Spyder Flightstar, EA 100S, Eagle Weight Shift, Eagle XL, Early Bird Jenny, Easy Riser, Earthstar Odyssey, Ecoflyer, Edenvale Fly In, ElectraFlyer, Elitar Sigma, Esprit Motorglider, Eureka Ultralight Aircraft, EuroFox, Evektor Sportstar, E-Volo Multicopter, Excalibur, Explorer , EZ Flyer,



Falcon LS, Fantasy Dream II, FK 9 Mark IV, FK 12 Comet Bi-plane, Flightstar II, Flightstar Spyder, Flitplane, Fokker DVII, Fokker E-III Eindecker, Fisher Avenger, Fisher Classic, Fisher FP 202, Fisher FP 303, Fisher FP 404, Fisher Super Koala, Fisher Tiger Moth R80, FlitPlane, Flying Squirrel M 19



G 700 Gobosh, Gobsosh 800 XP, GAPA ultralight sailplane, Gee Bee Model D, GEN 4 ultralight helicopter, GoldWing, Grand Spree Model R, Griffin, Gull 2000,



H-2 Honey Bee, H-3 Pegasus, Hi-Max, Highlander by Just Aircraft, Hiperlight, Hipps Sportster, Honcho, Horizon Experimental Aircraft, Hummel CA 2 ultralight, Hummel UltraCruiser, Hy Tek Hurricane 1,



Ikarus C42, Invader Mark III,



J 6 Karatoo, Jabiru, Javelin, JDM 8, JDT MINI MAX EROS, Jet Fox,



Kasperwing, Kestrel Hawk, KitFox Lite, Kitfox Lite Squared, KitFox Super Sport, Kolb FireFly, Kolb Flyer ultralight, Kolb Kolbra, Kolb Laser, Kolb Mark III, Kolb TwinStar, Kolb UltraStar,



Lambada Motorglider, Laron 1/2 Tun, Laron Tundra, Laron Wizard, Lazair, Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association - LAMA, Light Sport & Ultralight Flying Magazine, Lightning, Lil Breezy, Lil Buzzard, Loehle P51 Mustang, Loehle Sport Parasol, Luscombe-Silvaire



Magni M16 Gyro, Mariner, Maxair Hummer, MD 3 Rider, Merlin GT, Mermaid M6 Amphibious light sport aircraft, Micro Mong, Midwest LSA Show 2010 MiFyter Biplane, Mini Straton D7, Mitchell A-10, Mitchell Wing B 10, Mitchell P 38 Lightning, Mitchell Wing U 2, Mosquito Ultralight Helicopter, Motavia Aircraft Engine, MySky MS-1



Navigator 600, NGK Spark Plug Advisory, Nieuport 11, Nieuport 12, Nieuport 17, Nomad, Nova 1, NYNJA LSA



Orbit Air, Opus Super 2,



P51 Mustang, Para-Cycle, Paradise P1 lightsport aircraft, Peregrine FA-04, Phantom X1E, Phoenix Motor Glider, Pinocchio, PiperSport light sport aircraft, Powered Parachute Buying Tips, Preceptor N3 Pup, Preceptor Stinger, Preceptor Ultra Pup, Pterodactyl, Puma,



Quad City Challenger II, Quasar Lite, Quick Silver MX, Quicksilver MX - QuickFix 3 axis conversion kit, Quicksilver MX Sprint, Quicksilver Sport 2S, Quicksilver Weight Shift



Ragwing RW 6, RagWing RW 26, , Rampage, Ramphos trike, RANS S6 LS, RANS S7 Courier, RANS S10 Sakota, RANS S19 Venterra, RB-1 rubber band powered ultralightRemos GX light sport aircraft, Renegade Spirit, Revolution Rotary Engine, Ridge Runner, Ritz Standard A, Robbins Aircraft, Rotax 582 advisory, Rotax 582 - 503 engine courses, Rotax 912 engine courses, Rotax 912, 912S, 914 Warranty, Rotec Rally 2B,



Sabre 1, Sadler Vampire Ultralight, Sadler Vampire LSA, Samba XL light sport aircraft, Sandpiper, Savage Classic, Savage Cruiser, Savannah, SD 1 Minisport ultralight, SeaMax light sport aircraft, Sherwood Ranger, Sirius TL 3000, Skyarrow 600 Sport, SkyCatcher 162, Skyleader 500 LSA, Skylite, Skypup, Sky Raider, Skywatch SS 11, Slepcev Storch, Snedden M7 ultralight, Sorrel Guppy SNS 2, Spad XIII, Speedster, Sport Cruiser light sport aircraft, Spruce Coupe, Sopwith Camel, Sopwith Pup, Sport Hornet, SR 1 Hornet, Starflight XT 2000, Storm Rally Lightsport Aircraft, Streak Shadow, Sting Sport S3, Sun N Fun 2004, Sun N Fun 2005, Sun N Fun 2008, Sun N Fun 2010, Sun N Fun 2011, Sun N Fun 2012, Sunny, Supercat, Swift Glider,



T211 Thorpedo. Tanarg, T Bird 1, Tecnam Bravo, Tecnam P2008 light sport aircraft, Tecnam P92 Eaglet, Tempest Ultralight Glider, Titan T51 Mustang experimental aircraft, Titan Tornado 2,Topaz KR 030, Toucan by Canaero



ULi 260 aero engine,UltraVair engine, UltraVair on Legal Eagle, United States Ultralight Association, UPAC Convention 2005, U.S. Sport Aviation Expo 2008, U.S. Sport Aviation Expo 2011, U.S. Sport Aviation Expo 2012



Vector 600, VIRUS motor glider, Volk Hurricane, Vortex,



Warner Sportster, Waspair Tomcat ultralight, Weight and Balance Explained, Wizard, Woodhopper ultralight, Woopy Fly Inflatable Ultralight



3X55, X Air F  X-Air H, Xenon Gyrocopter, XTC






Zenith 601, Zenith CH 701, Zenith Aircraft STOL CH 750, Zing, Zipper, Zippy Sport, Zipster,




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